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Co-lateral event :


Emerging Technologies in Aviation MRO:

Exploring the latest advancements and innovations in MRO technologies, such as predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics, remote monitoring, electronic documentation, and integration of systems.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety in Aviation MRO:

Understanding the regulatory requirements and safety standards for MRO operations, including updates on relevant international and local regulations.

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Optimization:

The challenges of managing the aviation MRO supply chain, including inventory control, parts procurement, vendor management, and logistics.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Aviation MRO:

Discussing environmentally friendly practices, energy-efficient solutions, waste management, and carbon footprint reduction in MRO operations.

MRO Innovation for the Vietnamese Market:

Discussing the growing Vietnamese aerospace ecosystem. Market potential for Vietnam to become a regional hub. Fostering international partnerships and managing infrastructure development for the expansion of domestic and international airlines.

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance:

Examining the role of human factors in MRO operations, focusing on training, competency assessment, fatigue management, talent retention and fostering a safety culture.