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Co-lateral event :


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1st Edition

Hanoi, Vietnam
April 18, 2024

Vietnam and the Airport Industry:

Vietnam's airport infrastructure sector plays a crucial role in the country's economic growth and development. Since lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions, Vietnam's domestic aviation sector has become the world's fifth fastest-growing aviation market, projected to serve 150 million air transport passengers by 2035. 

This increased airport traffic has put pressure on management and safety, often causing delays at key airport hubs. In response, Vietnam is investing heavily in airport infrastructure, and the government is proposing a plan of regional decentralization of investment, aiming to maximize public-private partnerships. These measures will reduce pressure on the state budget and increase the competitiveness of Vietnam's economy, enabling the country to leverage the best technologies and services in airport development projects.

What is AIMA Vietnam?

AIMA Vietnam is a high-level conference put together to tackle the biggest
and most pressing topics facing airport infrastructures today.

What is the technical spectrum of of AIMA Vientam?


Pilot training, Aviation Maintenance Training, Cabin Crew Training, Marketing & ground operations, Leadership training, technical recurrent training, Training trainers.

Airport Infrastructures: equipement, technology, design & services






For: Management| Cargo terminazl operators | Passenger Terminal Operators | Planning | Procurement | Facilities management | Development | Implementations | Operations | Engineering | Productions | Specifiers